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The Little Book of Positive Birth Stories

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The Little Book of Positive Birth Stories is a collection of positive birth stories to support you throughout your pregnancy and labour.


I am a passionate and experienced hypnobirthing teacher and also a mother of two, I have seen first-hand the power of hypnobirthing and how a positive mindset can change your birth experience for the better. I am also the creator and presenter of the number 1 podcast, The Hypnobirthing Podcast, with my aim being to make hypnobirthing as accessible as possible and change the narrative around birth to make it positive, exciting and informed.


I know that the current negative culture and view of childbirth is damaging to those preparing for this milestone event. If we were inundated with positive stories, positive language and excitement about childbirth, how different we might feel.


All the stories in this book are real stories, written in the words of the person themselves. They are divided up by type of birth, so you can get a sense of how each and every type of birth can be a positive one.

Hypnobirthing and doula Southend
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