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Personal and relaxed 121 hypnobirthing classes


The first thing that struck me, other than the delicious smell of homemade biscuits, was Claire's passion for the topic. Over the course Claire taught us all about breathing and visualisation techniques and also the logic behind giving birth. I am a total convert to hypnobirthing and cannot recommend The Nurture Nest enough. My favourite phrase I took away: where the mind goes, the body follows.


I had the best birth using hypnobirthing! Our baby girl arrived 3 days “late” - but I used all you had taught us and laboured mostly at home, arriving at hospital at 9.30am to get in the pool and then get out of the pool just as she came at 10:44am. It was the most calm and incredible birth. I am so grateful to you and hypnobirthing!


My little girl was born using just gas and air and the help of hypnobirthing. The breathing you taught us was such a huge help. Nick said the difference in this birth to our first was huge and he could tell how much more in control I was. Thank you for all your help!

Hypnobirthing and doula Southend
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