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  • What is hypnobirthing?
    Hypnobirthing is a full antenatal programme which teaches you about not only the physiology of birth and what is happening within our bodies during labour and birth, but also relaxation techniques to help relax the body and mind before and during labour and birth.
  • Who is hypnobirthing suitable for?
    Hypnobirthing is suitable for everyone! It does not guarantee a ‘perfect birth’ but it can benefit everyone and will ALWAYS make a difference. Hypnobirthing is about achieving the birth that is right for you, whether this is a home birth, a water birth, a hospital birth or a caesarean section. I am fully LGBT+ inclusive.
  • Will I be 'out of it' if I use hypnobirthing?
    Not at all. Hypnobirthing is very different from the stage hypnosis you are probably familiar with. Hypnobirthing teaches you relaxation techniques to help relax the body and mind before and during labour and birth. You will be completely ‘with it’ but will be able to tune out of the distractions around you. When the body and mind are in a completely relaxed state, birth can happen more quickly and comfortably because the body isn’t fighting the natural process which is taking place.
  • Can you guarantee a completely pain free labour and birth?
    Simply, no, we cannot guarantee a completely pain free labour and birth. There are many factors that can affect a birth, some of which are out of our control. However, like any childbirth preparation class, the success of the techniques is related to the amount of practice you do. Research has shown that around 65-70% of people who practice hypnobirthing don’t need any form of pain relief – of these almost all simply don’t experience any pain – just pressure, and a further 20-25% only require something mild, like gas and air. The remaining 5-10% usually fall into a ‘special circumstances’ category, where medical intervention is required. However, these people still found hypnobirthing helped them – even if they were induced, or had an unplanned caesarean. It is important to note that the aim of hypnobirthing is not a completely pain free and picture perfect ‘natural’ birth (although that is possible). It is to have a calmer, easier, more comfortable birth; where you are in control.
  • Does hypnobirthing run in groups or just individually?
    The Nurture Nest hypnobirthing course can be taught in groups or privately. Many prefer a group environment as it gives them the chance to speak to others, hear answers to questions they may not have thought of and also to make friends! However, others prefer a private course, from the comfort of their own home (or mine if they’d rather!). This allows the course to be tailor made for them. I also have a pre-recorded Essentials Course which is a condensed version of my full course.
  • When should I start the course?
    You can take the course at any time. It is important to note, the success of the course is strongly linked to how much practice you do, so the earlier the better is recommended. However, provided you can finish the course before you give birth, it’s still going to help. Our group courses book up very fast, so please don’t leave it too late. As soon as you know you want to do my hypnobirthing course, please do book as spaces are limited.
  • Do I need a birth partner to attend the class?
    Yes and no – if you have someone who is going to act as your birth partner then yes, it is recommended they attend the course as well in order to understand how hypnobirthing works and to know how to advocate for you during your labour. However, if you are not intending to have a birth partner or your partner isn’t able to attend the class, this is ok too. I will teach you how the techniques to be able to relax and advocate for yourself.
  • Are you LGBT+ inclusive?
    I absolutely am. I have completed LGBT+ competency training and am fully inclusive and competent to teach everyone.
Hypnobirthing and doula Southend
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