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The Nurture Nest is founded and run by Claire Fulton.


Founded in 2019, The Nurture Nest has helped transform the labour of 1000s of women and birthing people. Find out more about Claire below.


Claire's passion for hypnobirthing began during her own pregnancy journey back in 2016, when she attended a hypnobirthing class. The class transformed her mindset and she went on to have an incredibly positive labour with her first daughter, followed just 21 months later by another incredibly positive labour when she gave birth to her second daughter.

After her second birth, she found herself wanting to tell everyone and anyone about hypnobirthing and while deciding on her next career path, decided to take the leap and train in something she loved; hypnobirthing.

Claire trained in hypnobirthing, qualifying just 2 months later and began teaching straight away. To this day Claire's worldwide digital and in person courses along with her number 1 ranking podcast, The Hypnobirthing Podcast, have had a positive hand in the labour of 1000s of women, their partners and their babies.

Claire is now training to become a doula and has recently released of her first book, The Little Book of Positive Birth Stories, in the hope that this provides women, birthing people and their partners with even more help as they look towards giving birth.

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