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I really liked the way Claire made things so easy to understand. The breathing techniques and visualisations really helped me during my labour. After the birth, the midwives said they couldn't believe how focused and strong I was. Thank you for helping me to feel strong and confident for my first birth.


Thank you for giving me the power to be able to birth my baby unmedicated and to believe in mine and my bodies abilities to do this. My midwife said it was one of her all time greatest births. I've learnt so much about myself during my pregnancy and hypnobirthing has given me that, it's magical!


Claire's course was just what I needed, as I'd be there before and attempted hypnobirthing with both other births but her course really struck a cord with me this time. I put in the work and achieved the most incredible, positive birth that I have always dreamt of. Thank you Claire for your wonderful course and podcast - it really did help me achieve the birth of my dreams.

Hypnobirthing and doula Southend
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